Spirit of Discovery in Palma today. | Gabriel Alomar


Saga Cruise’s brand new Spirit of Discovery cruise ship has docked in Palma for the first time ever.

Spirit of Discovery

It’s specifically designed for British clientele over the age of 50, is one of the most modern cruise ships in the world and holds 900 passengers.

The 236 metre long ship, weighs 58,250 tons and cost 310 million euros to build. It has 10 decks and 540 cabins which all have their own balcony and there are numerous bars and restaurants to choose from.


Onboard there’s a special restaurant and nightclub that was inspired by cabaret lounges of the 1950’s and there’s also a 400 seat theatre where guests can enjoy films, live music, plays and specialist entertainers.

Spirit of Discovery

There’s more than 1,000 pieces of art on the “Spirit of Discovery” by well known British artists, Helen Amy Murray, Evelyn Bings and David Harber and some up and coming artists are also showcased.

You can see her in port on our Palma - Cruceros webcam.