Winter bookings are down almost 7%

After 3 years of growth, this winter season's bookings are down nearly 7%. Archive photo.

24-10-2019Redacción Local

Fewer tourists are booked to visit Majorca over the winter season this year according to the latest data from AENA.

Between November and March 31 6.4 million seats have been booked on planes coming to the Balearics. That’s 6.6% less than last year and the number of planes is also down by 7% compared to 2018.

The AENA report states that the number visitors flying to the Balearic Islands from Spanish airports is up by 0.7% with 3.6 million seats already booked and another 2.8 million visitors are expected to fly in from international destinations.

But the biggest number of visitors by far will come from Germany and hoteliers and tour operators say that if it wasn’t for the 350 million euro bailout that Angela Merkel’s government stumped up to save Thomas Cook Airlines subsidiary, Condor, the winter season would have been a total disaster, particularly in Majorca.

This winter could be one of the worst on record for hoteliers in Majorca in terms of occupation and business profitability, mainly because the collapse of Thomas Cook forced some hotels to close a month earlier than usual.

The summer season is also looking a bit dire, it usually gets underway at the end of March but bookings are really low, which could mean a slow start to the season and a dip in profits are on the cards for hoteliers in Majorca.


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Yogi / Hace over 2 years

A rural bus service in the UK responded to complaints about buses not stopping to pick up passengers because if they did stop they wouldn't be able to keep to their schedule! Unsurprisingly they lost the franchise Companies and services that care about customers will survive, but those that don't, won't.


harvey / Hace over 2 years

We will be over for a week in January from the UK. January is a lovely time of year to visit


Mike / Hace over 2 years

Ah what a shame for the hoteliers it’s the local buissines that will suffer the most , and it’s correct about flights I have been looking , all the flights are silly days not suitable for most people and what is available is from airports miles away aena need to speak to the airlines to find out why and before they blame Brexit tell them that’s a load of crap people want to come just can’t get there .


Karin Verhelst / Hace over 2 years

Normally I come 3 to 4 times to Mallorca in winter coming from Belgium, with Ryanair the only company offering direct flights in winter. I came from Thursday evening until Tuesday evening. For 2019/2020 they changed in weird way their schedule, only flights on Saturday evening and on Tuesday evening??? This is too short to take as a mini trip to palms, so I booked none. Very sorry