Thursday's presentation

Guillermo Albizuri, Carmen Riu, José A. Fernández Alarcón, Iago Negueruela y Javier Gándara.

24-10-2019Jaume Morey

Hotels in the Balearic Islands are slashing their prices next summer and will be lower than they've been for the last four years

At a presentation with Tourism Minister Iago Negueruela, Guillermo Albizuri of Google, and the President of the Association Airlines & Director for Easyjet Spain, Javier Gándara, the co-President of the Riu group and member of the board of directors of TUI, Carmen Riu announced that “rooms booked by Thomas Cook customers will now have to be sold to other operators at rock bottom prices,” saying, “this will cause a reduction in business benefits, but should not lead to a decrease in quality because the goal that we all have to set, in both the private and public sector, is to make the Balearic Islands the most sustainable destination in the Mediterranean and this strategy will boost the industry.”

The expected fall in prices for the summer is expected to affect British, German and Scandinavian markets.

Minister Negueruela said “the positive thing is to position the Islands as a sustainable destination and I think we are moving in the right direction."

Carmen Riu, Iago Negueruela, Javier Gándara and Guillermo Albizuri all said they would “learn from mistakes that have been made and bet on a diversification of the markets and agreed that “despite the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook, the role of tour operators is still key i the tourism industry, but we must opt for new online marketing systems to cover the entire market."

They also discussed the issue of Brexit but said that “given the uncertainty that currently exists between the United Kingdom and the EU nobody knows what to expect, or what needs to be done to alleviate it."

Gándara said that the disappearance of Thomas Cook Airlines cannot be covered in the short term, but pointed out that the collapse of Air Berlin and Monarch Airlines had an adverse effect on the winter season but by the start of the summer season the situation had improved dramatically and Albizuri agreed saying “you don't have to play with prices and quality, what matters is the value of a destination.”


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Paul / Hace about 1 year

I have been coming the Mallorca for many years, we have done the all inclusive deals paid high prices, but now we have found a much cheaper hotel b&b and it's not crowded. People who go all inclusive get quite a bad deal they are packed in like sheep meal times are manic because" they have paid so they will eat " in the evening bar always full because "they have paid they will drink". Mallorca is a busy place but it also has a very laid back style which doesn't fit in my opinion with all inclusive deals


Yogi / Hace about 1 year

Selling off rooms at "rock bottom" prices doesn't sound like a strategy to improve sustainability to me. More like cram in more of the "cheap as chips" brigade. Sustainability also means moving away from the saturation model which is straining resources and infrastructure in the lengthening summer season and creating a backlash from the environmentalists and the disaffected. Even the tourists hate being sardined.


E Weldon / Hace about 1 year

So if you have already booked your All Inclusive Holiday in Mallorca for Summer 2020 will you’ve entitled to a small fee back? Or Free Eco Tax???