Hot Air Balloons over Majorca

21st Aerostatic Balloons European Championship takes off in Manacor.

23-10-2019J. AGUIRRE

The European Hot Air Balloon Championships are finally underway in Majorca with 95 competing in the Competition.

The event was delayed by torrential rain and strong winds but the colourful globes are now up, up and away thanks to the passion of Majorcan pilot, Ricardo Aracil of Mallorca Balloons who’s managed to bring the European Championship to the island for the first time ever.


The skies were blue and the sun was shining when the participants took off this afternoon with highly experienced pilots controlling their every move, including 5 women.

The winds initially led the balloons to Vilafranca, then changed at 1,500 feet in the direction of Felanitx and Inca giving pilots an outstanding view from up on high.

The Mallorca globe rose to a height of 3,900 feet and cruised at a speed of 10 kilometres an hour over the fields and villages in Llevant and offering fabulous clear views of Minorca.


According to the latest weather forecast from Aemet, the hot air balloons will be able to continue criss-crossing the skies of Mallorca until Sunday morning.

The competition has been running for more than 40 years and the first Hot Air Balloon Championship was held in Skovde in Sweden in 1976.

It’s organised by the International Aeronautical Federation which is based in Lausanne in Switzerland and takes place every 2 years, bringing the best pilots and more than 100 gorgeous balloons of colour to European skies.


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Ricky / Hace about 1 year

Good old Yogi, my only equal in cynicism. How about Hats and Horses Yogi? Looks like it was empty! Mind you, I think we should think of a few good things about Mallorca events, although I am scratching my head.


Yogi / Hace about 1 year

Really? Someone gives a negative on my comment? Oh my days! I would like to know how they compete though, so more info would have been helpful. But hey. I'll look it up rather than ( not) read it here.


Yogi / Hace about 1 year

Spectacular. In what way is it a championship? How on earth ( sorry, sky ) do you race hot air balloons? I recall a such a balloon carrying a group of tourists having to land in the field at the back of my house once, many moons ago in the UK. . Hadn't a clue where they were but had the foresight to pack a hamper full of champagne which they had started on by the time I had got over to check all was ok. style.