So far only preliminary work has been carried out. | Redacción Local


The president of Palma municipal water and waste board, Emaya, Ramon Perpinyà has admitted that sewage will continue to spill into the sea for at least 18 months and the Federation of Veïnats in Palma has been informed that preventative measures are underway and the preliminary work has been done, but the spillages won’t stop until November.

The Town Hall is demanding that the central government pay for the sewage plant in order to avoid spillages, which are supposed to be an environmental crime and Perpinyà says “the 30 million euros that’s left should be used to address this environmental emergency because the sewage plant won’t be operational for at least 6 years” and requested that legal proceedings be initiated to require the Government to comply with the law and that the necessary infrastructure be financed by the sanitation fee to avoid spills.