Deputy prime minister, Carmen Calvo at the election rally in Calvia. | T. AYUGA

The deputy prime minister Carmen Calvo was in Calvia on Sunday for a PSOE election rally and issued an assurance that one hundred of the 177 million euros that the Balearic government is owed by the Spanish government will be paid before the end of the year.

“We are a few weeks away from resolving this. The payments are being processed in an urgent manner by royal decree law.”

Calvo addressed the subject of Catalonia, stressing that PSOE’s view has never altered.
The independence drive has “provoked a fracture in coexistence between Catalan people”.
Those behind independence, she emphasised, “have to respect ... the majority”; i.e. the Catalans who are opposed to independence.

Among the attendees at the rally were President Armengol and the mayor of Calvia, Alfonso Rodríguez.

The mayor said a “greater victory” was needed than the one PSOE achieved in the May regional elections.

“The right-wing,” he stated, “are a threat, and we have to make sure they don’t have a future”.

Armengol called for there to be a vote for PSOE. If Pedro Sánchez is prime minister, “the political roadmap that has been marked out will be followed”.