A red flag because of a contaminated spill. | Pilar Pellicer

The Palma court instructing the case of contaminated spills at Palma beaches has authorised the tapping of phones. The court gave this authorisation following requests from the Guardia Civil and the prosecution service's environment division.

After the Guardia's Seprona division went to the offices of the Emaya municipal services agency earlier this year, the request was formulated and was applied to current employees and former senior officials. Officers from Seprona were aware that there was a great deal of anxiety at Emaya once it was known that there was an investigation. This led officers to believe that those under investigation knew about "irregularities".

Included among those under investigation is councillor Neus Truyol. Now in charge of urban planning, she was previously responsible for municipal services and was the president of the Emaya agency.

There has been no development in the investigation as the court is waiting for the results of a series of analyses of water samples taken from the sea. These analyses are to determine potential risk to public health. Once the results are known, the court is expected to set a schedule for statements to be made by those under investigation.

The investigation is also considering potential irregularity in the use of revenue from the Palma water charge, which those under investigation say was not managed by the town hall and Emaya but by the regional government.