Scene where the palm tree fell on Sunday. | Julio Bastida


Inspectors at Palma town hall were swift in responding to the tragic death of a 41-year-old woman on Sunday. She was killed when high winds caused the top of a palm tree to fall on her. Her ten-year-old daughter was seriously injured.

The incident happened on the Dalt Murada by the Cathedral shortly before midday. By the evening, inspectors had examined approximately half of the trees in the immediate area of the Cathedral as well as in surrounding areas and in the city's parks.

The councillor for infrastructure, Angelica Pastor, said on Monday that technical reports confirm that the last inspection of trees in the Cathedral area was conducted in late September. This report found there to be no risk. The tree which fell on Sunday wasn't suffering from any disease. It hadn't, for example, been infected by the red beetle.

The area was cordoned off on Monday while inspections continued. Meanwhile, one of the opposition parties at the town hall, Ciudadanos, was demanding explanations from Pastor, accusing her of being "inefficient".