At the protest on Wednesday the employees of Thomas Cook said that they had not received payment from the government. | M.A.CAÑELLAS


Balearic government spokesperson Pilar Costa said yesterday that the majority of Thomas Cook employees who are eligible for special government payments and have applied for them have either been paid or will be in the next few days.

These payments are the first of up to four monthly payments of a maximum of 500 euros that the government had promised in October. Costa explained that there have been 477 requests and that 423 of these have so far been met. The total amount paid out by the government is so far 208,716 euros.

The minister added that the other 54 requests contained errors that the employment service is currently correcting. According to the government, there are 619 people at the main Thomas Cook offices.

At a protest by employees on Wednesday, it was stated that government payments had not been received.