Maria Pons, Mayor of Santanyi. Archive photo. | M. NADAL


Santanyi town hall has expressed its indignation at having been excluded from the Spanish government’s payment of eight million euros designed to mitigate the impact of the collapse of Thomas Cook on resorts in the Balearics.

“Not a single euro has been allocated to Cala d’Or. This is despite Cala d’Or having been one of the the most affected zones. The British tour operator has left a hole of approximately four million euros in unpaid invoices.”

The town hall feels that at no time was Santanyi considered.

“They haven’t consulted us to see if there is some project needing to be undertaken.” Mayor Maria Pons refers to there being a great sense of “grievance” among residents and hoteliers.

“Santanyi has over 22,000 hotel places. In Cala d’Or, Thomas Cook hasn’t paid many hotelier invoices. We therefore believe that it is a disgrace that the municipality hasn’t been given a second thought. With all due respect to other areas which have been affected, Santanyi is among those to have been the most.

"Neither the town hall nor the Cala d’Or hoteliers association has been consulted and asked for an opinion.”