Part of the drugs recovered during the raids on Saturday. | National Police


The National Police, with the assistance of the Palma local force, launched an operation last week which resulted in the arrests of three individuals and the seizure of 100 kilos of hashish, 200 kilos of marijuana and some 1,000 marijuana plants.

Properties in Palma, Marratxi and Sencelles were raided in the early hours of Saturday morning and lasted some 70 hours. While the amount of drugs seized was significant, so also was the method deployed by the gang. Police say that they used a "nursery", a clandestine warehouse, a familiar system used by drugs traffickers in southern Spain but not previously encountered in Majorca.

This warehouse contained the 100 kilos of hash. In Biniali (Sencelles), the marijuana plantation was uncovered.

The three people arrested are Spanish, one of whom is originally from Morocco. The operation, dubbed "Palmera", remains open, and further detentions are possible.