The mayor of Palma inside one of the new 18m buses | R.L.


In Palma yesterday, the first of 28 new buses of eighteen metres length was out on the roads. There was a presentation of the bus on the Avenida Antoni Maura, at which it was explained that the bus is currently being tested on two routes - numbers three and 15 - and will later be tried out on lines five, seven and eight. This is all to do with getting used to the angles when turning the bus.

The 18-metre buses, built by Scania, are costing Palma town hall 11.2 million euros. These buses, plus shorter ones of twelve and fifteen metres made by Iveco and Man, will be phased in so that they are all being used by spring next year.

The buses run on natural gas and use solar energy for interior equipment. They have control cameras, four doors, two screens, and LED lighting.