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As has been noted in the past, spending on the Christmas lottery in the Balearics is the lowest in all Spain's regions. Only the north African cities of Ceuta and Melilla have a lower spend than the Balearics.

Figures from the State Lottery suggest that spending per person in the Balearics on this year's lottery will be 42.61 euros. The national average is put at 68.48 euros, an increase of 0.92 euros from last year.

The highest spending is 105.70 euros per inhabitant in Castile and León, followed by 99.36 in Asturias, 96.32 in La Rioja and 94.11 in Aragon. Immediately above the Balearics are the Canaries with 46.44 euros and Andalusia on 53.53. The spending in Ceuta and Melilla is far lower. On average, it is respectively 16.88 euros and 13.72 euros.

The most amount spent is in the Madrid region - 544 million euros. Andalusia is second with 449 million. The Balearics total is 48 million, which is higher than two other regions - Navarre (38.6 million) and La Rioja (30.4 million) - and Ceuta and Melilla, which together spend only 2.6 million.