Michael Brown prior to his arrest at his Palma office. Archive photo. | A. SEPULVEDA

The British financier, Michael Brown now known as Michael Campbell-Brown, was the one-time donor to the Liberal Democrats, who was jailed for 7 years in the UK for money laundering could face additional charges in Majorca. He was arrested in a joint Spanish-British police operation at his offices in Palma in the wake of a series of interviews with the Majorca Daily Bulletin in 2006.

The Prosecutor’s Office claims Michael Brown and his wife bought chalets in Esporles and Andratx, luxury cars and a private jet with money gained from those financial scams and is asking that Brown and his wife be jailed for a total of 8 years and forced to pay 9 million-euros in fines between them.

The Defence lawyer, Jaime Campaner, claims Michael Brown has already been tried for these crimes in Britain and cannot be prosecuted for the same thing twice.