The prosecution is calling for a thirty-year sentence for Antonio Borras. | ALEJANDRO SEPULVEDA


Juan Antonio Florit, the 57-year-old who was stabbed to death in Sencelles in May 2017, received 37 wounds caused by a knife, a clay pot and a metal colander.

Doctors who performed the autopsy were giving evidence at the trial of Antonio Borrás, Juan Antonio Florit’s ex-son in law, who is accused of his murder, yesterday.

The doctors confirmed that Juan Antonio Florit had a limp and that he suffered from osteoarthritis in his hands.

The chances of him defending himself from attack were therefore “minimal”. A stab to his neck severed the jugular. Further stab wounds to the chest, in the opinion of forensic doctors, were “to finish him off”. The weapon has not been found but is believed to have been a kitchen knife.

Antonio Borrás, 42, has told the jury that he can’t recall what happened and has acknowledged having been a regular user of cocaine. Since being remanded in May 2017, he says that he has suffered four strokes. Medical testimony given to the court disputes his cocaine use. It was moderate and not considered to have been sufficient to have severely altered his faculties at the time of the attack on Juan Antonio Florit.

This testimony also disputes his claim to be suffering from amnesia, brought about by stress.

A lack of expression when he was interviewed by a medical expert, the court heard, was a sign that he was controlling how he responded to questioning. It indicated that he would say more than he was interested in saying.

The prosecution is calling for a thirty-year sentence.