Alcudia, walls and Sant Jaume Church.

03-06-2011Andrew Ede

At its assembly in Zamora this weekend, the Los Pueblos Más Bonitos de España association has announced the latest villages to join its network as the "most beautiful" in Spain. There are two in Majorca - Alcudia and Pollensa.

The association says of Alcudia that it is one of Majorca's most beautiful, with a "magical historic centre" in close proximity to paradisiacal beaches. It is representative of distinct civilisations, and two gates of its walls - Porta des Moll and Porta de Mallorca - have been declared national monuments.

Of Pollensa, the association explains that it is at the foot of the Tramuntana Mountains and that there has been civilisation for more than 3,000 years. Its historic centre has a "strong mediaeval essence". Its people have known how to maintain its whole personality intact.

Alcudia and Pollensa will be incorporated into the list of "pueblos más bonitos" from the start of next year. There are at present 79 villages in Spain, Fornalutx being one of them. This number will rise to 94 in 2020.


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Yogi / Hace over 2 years

Fornalutx yes, and there are a number of other really pretty villages that could easily be given this accolade, Orient for example. But Alcudia and Pollença are towns not villages although I know there's argument about how to define either. Alcudia, perhaps at a push because of the walls, gates and being half pedestrianised. But Pollença? Really. I like Pollença but I would never have thought it would be on this list. If Pollença then why not Arta and Soller or Andratx? It can be a poison chalice though. Lots of day trip sightseeing that just cloggs up everything. I used to live near Finchingfield in Essex, often branded the most beautiful village in Essex. And it probably is. Coaches and motorbike clubs would congregate there every weekend making the place unbearable for the locals. I have heard that Fornalutx people are fed up with the congestion this accolade attracts too. On a local note, dog poo everywhere, abandoned buildings, some collapsing, graffiti and low level vandalism aren't what visitors would expect so if the authorities could sort that out first us locals might appreciate this accolade too.