The GR222 hiking route from Arta to Lluc. Archive photo. | P. AGUILO


lThe GR-222 hiking route is the one that crosses the island from Arta to Lluc and which links up with the GR-221 dry-stone route in the Tramuntana Mountains. In one of its stages, it is interrupted by the private finca of Montblanc in Maria de la Salut, where there are said to be “various barriers”. The Council of Majorca is therefore looking for a way to avoid Montblanc, and key to this is cooperation from Muro town hall.

Finca Montblanc, Maria de la Salut

Muro’s mayor, Antoni Serra, met Council representatives and offered a stretch of unmade public way that will create an alternative. In return, the Council will maintain the way and put in signage. Aurora Ribot, the councillor for the environment, explained that the hiking routes act as a means of boosting “social and economic” life in the villages. If it is necessary, therefore, modifications will be made to the routes. The Council’s director for the environment, Pep Manchado, said that he was in favour of the alternative offered by Muro but that there wouldn’t be “a rapid solution”. There will first have to be amendment of the special plan for the GR-222 route. The Council is considering the creation of three stretches. These are from Maria to Llubi, from Santa Margalida to Llubi, and from Muro to Llubi.