Balconing is climbing from one balcony to another or jumping into the pool from a balcony. Archive photo. | MICHELS


Tourists that take part in 'balconing' and Hotels that don’t take action to prevent it will be fined under a new law that's being introduced next year.

Hotel owners will be forced to throw guests out in the street if it’s thought they might start jumping from balcony to balcony, but the exact amount they’ll have to pay has yet to be decided.

The Minister of Model Econòmic, Iago Negueruela has been working on the details for months and a decree law is likely to be enforced at the beginning of the year.

Merchants and Bars

The primary aim of the new law is to curbing excessive tourist behaviour once and for all and the rules will affect all hotels, catering establishments and businesses that sell alcohol.

According to Minister Negueruela the laws will be introduced in a similar way to the holiday rental law and will only apply in certain areas of the islands.

The rise in sanctions

The new legislation will also have a direct effect on revenue forecasts.

The budget for the Ministry of Model Econòmic will include an estimated 2.5 million euros worth of penalties and fines, which is 44% higher than the 1,790,370 euros forecast for this year.

An extra 1.3 million euros will be added for labour sanctions money plus another 2 million for sanctions through the Balearic Institute of Labour Salut, taking the total budget for the Ministry of Model Econòmic to 5.8 million euros.