The UK general election result has increased confidence in the UK pound. | Reuters/Ben Stansall


The outcome of the UK election boosted the pound which is good news for the Balearic Tourism Sector, according to the Alliance for Tourism Excellence Exceltur, which is chaired Meliá Hotels CEO, Gabriel Escarrer Jaume and FEHM President, Maria Frontera.

“The election result clears the uncertainty that has so far surrounded the‘ Brexit ’and the rise in the pound gives the British greater purchasing power to travel,” said the Secretary of State for Tourism, Bel Oliver, while Gabriel Escarrer Jaume warned that caution is required. ”We need to know the terms of the 'Brexit’ agreement, but if they are reasonable the Tourism Industry will benefit, but the price of the pound is a first step, and will boost the sales of reserves.”

Exceltur, which represents, airlines, shipping companies, hotel chains, tourist groups, travel agencies and car rentals says the election result heralds new hope for industry and the economy.

“Reducing uncertainty in the British Market will revitalise sales for the 2020 summer season,” said an Exceltur spokesperson.

FEHM President, Maria Frontera said “the result clears the way to the United Kingdom's exit from the European Union on January 31,” adding that “companies have done their homework during these months and now what can be expected is responsibility."

However, hoteliers were less confident about the fallout from ‘Brexit’.

CAEB President Carmen Planas is confident that the election result will ensure that the Brexit agreement negotiated by the EU and London is approved by the British Parliament.

"It would, without doubt be the best possible scenario, but the UK leaving the EU will be negative for both the economy and the Balearic Islands,” he said.

"The end of a period of uncertainty is finally over, but the United Kingdom leaving the EU is bad news for everyone," said Antoni Mercant, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Mallorca. He also urged companies in the Balearic Islands to "start preparing for changes now, even although the current trade agreements remain in force until December 2020.”