The sheep were attacked by two dogs. | R.S.

Two dogs have attacked a farm in Casa Blanca on Saturday killing 17 sheep and seriously injuring 15 others.

“We have about a hundred sheep on the Son Ferreret estate, in Casa Blanca,” said Ángel Galdón. “On Saturday, a neighbour told us that two dogs were killing our animals and when we arrived it was like a butcher’s shop with some sheep and lambs dead and others seriously injured.”

The farmer called Palma Local Police and the Guardia Civil, but says they didn’t come to the farm.

“We had to stand guard all night and in the end we discovered that the dogs are owned by a neighbour in the estate next to ours, said Mr Galdón. “We also took pictures of the hole where the dogs come and go”.

The farmer said that the dogs returned to his farm a few hours after the first attack, but they managed to stop them from killing anymore sheep.

Mr Galdón has filed a formal complaint with the National Police and said some of the sheep and lambs that have serious injuries will have to be slaughtered.