Palma’s new chief of police took charge yesterday. | ALEJANDRO SEPULVEDA

Palma’s new chief of police, José Luis Carque, formally took charge yesterday. At a presentation at the town hall, he said that he has come to Palma with the clear objective to make local policing as close as possible to the citizens.

“A local police officer, who knows the residents and the needs of neighbourhoods, is capable of using this knowledge in setting out appropriate responses.”

Carque observed that Palma, like the rest of Spain, is a “safe city”.

This is the case, he noted, because of the good work of “our National Police and Guardia Civil”, to whom he offered his total willingness for “coalition, more than that of coordination”.

Taking over from Josep Palouzié, Carque outlined some of the challenges.

These include directing a new generation of police officers who know the importance of local deployment and do this with increased intensity and efficiency. He stressed the need for there to be more female officers and for a force that contributes to the prestige and image of Palma and can adapt to the flows of visitors into the city.

The local police, he added, must be dedicated to the observance of municipal bylaws in order to guarantee the peace to enjoy public areas. He will ensure that Palma police work “side by side” with the state security forces in maintaining security.