Parking will only be available to residents or those with permits. | MIQUEL A CANELLAS


Bikers will only be allowed to park in Acire areas of the city unless they are residents or have authorisation to park.

The Councillor of Mobilitat, Francesc Dalmau says complaints from locals prompted the changes.

"The neighbours are very worried, and they have let us know, because motorcycles have no restrictions and they are still vehicles that generate an emission of gases into the atmosphere,” he said, ”it is one of the things we have to turn around, but I can say that the intention of the Consistory is to limit this access as well as that of four-wheelers."

Another measure also being contemplated in the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan, or PMUS, in Palma is that motorcycle riders should pay to park in the ORA area.

"During this mandate we will increase the Acire to the remaining roads of the Avingudes inwards, but also these areas will be increasingly restrictive and one of the restrictions will be that of motorcycles,” said Councillor Dalmau.