HMCS Halifax in Palma bay. | G.A.


The Canadian frigate ‘HMCS Halifax’ docked in Palma yesterday for a 3 day stopover.

It belongs to the Royal Canadian Navy and currently performs Atlantic Alliance exercises in the Mediterranean.

The ‘Halifax’ was designed and built in Canada, has multifunctional capacity and stands out for its anti-submarine and anti-aircraft potential as well as surface warfare.

The vessel weighs 4,770 tons, is 134 metres long, is propelled by gas turbines and can reach a speed of more than 30 knots.

It has a crew of 225 and combines a conventional and missile artillery armament, such as the Harpoon and Sea Sparrow, as well as a torpedo boat. It also has a CH-148 Cyclone combat helicopter, a hangar and a landing strip.

The vessel has been renovated several times to update armament, propulsion and electronic systems, which has allowed it to maintain its naval primacy with a long term operational perspective.