The National Police are still searching for another man allegedly involved. | Archivo


A total of six people have been arrested for the alleged gang rape of a teenage girl in Palma.

The victim told Police that she met a group of people from the Corea neighbourhood of the city on Christmas Eve and they persuaded her to go to Son Gotleu, where seven youths allegedly took turns sexually assaulting her before taking her to an apartment in Camp Redo and continued to abuse her.

All six minors who’ve already been detained deny raping the girl and claim the sex was consensual and their Defence lawyers have reportedly provided WhatsApp conversations which allegedly show the victim’s intention to have sex with several boys.

Police are still searching for a 19 year old who was also allegedly involved in the incident. An investigation has been launched to determine exactly what happened.

“There are still many things to clarify, many details and we have to be discreet considering also that they are minors,” said the Government delegate, Ramón Morey.

The victim reported the attack on Christmas day and was interviewed by Police again on Wednesday.