The Via Cintura ring road around Palma

The decision had previously been made about reducing the speed limit but it was never enforced.

09-01-2020Jaume Morey

The Council of Majorca wants to reduce the speed limit on the Vía de Cintura from 120 kilometres an hour to just 80kmph to combat pollution, reduce emissions and prevent traffic jams.

The decision to reduce the limit was taken during the previous legislature, but it never happened.

"We want to reduce the speed due to environmental and safety issues and I would like the agreement to be adopted unanimously,” Minister of Mobilat, Iván Sevillano said in the plenary.

A number of other road issues were discussed at the session, including plans to improve access roads to Palma, the painting of lanes and the promotion of public transport to alleviate traffic volumes.


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Yogi / Hace over 2 years

You cannot drive anywhere near the speed limit on congested roads. Reducing vehicle numbers first is the key anti-pollution goal, then perhaps speeding. An integrated transport system which covers the island more comprehensively is clearly the best option from a congestion and pollution point. Particularly the trains. Why on Earth does it stop at Sa Pobla? For goodness sakes. If that's the standard of thinking and competency then there's not much hope.


Frederick Jessop / Hace over 2 years

Imagine very many FREE BUSES All over the Island !!. Using a Car would become far too expensive to go to and from work , shopping etc. Then what about TOLL ROADS. A toll to use the Via De Cintura!!! Having to pay to use roads, when there are FREE Buses would again be far too expensive. Mallorca is now like America , where they worship the Car. There are far to many Cars on the Island. Abd there are NOT enough roads to accommodate these Cars , especially in the Season when thiusands of Hire Cars are in use. The pollution on this Island now is a cause for concern. It is injurous to health and creates even more DUST and gases that we breathe. There needs to be very serious thought and planning when Electric Cars and Buses become common place in Mallorca.