Palma Carnival 2019. | Jordi Garcia


The competition to design the posters for this year's Carnival parades in Palma was started by the town hall yesterday. There are posters for both the main parade, Sa Rua, and the children's Sa Rueta parade. The town hall hopes that the competition will act as a means of promoting artistic creativity and participation and of giving wider publicity to Palma's Carnival celebrations.

Palma Carnival 2019

The winning prize for the Sa Rua poster will be 400 euros, while the winner of the Sa Rueta competition will receive vouchers for the Drac Màgic bookshop.

Palma Carnival 2019

The town hall says that designs should be original and should not previously have been published. (There was once an issue with the design for the Sant Sebastià fiestas poster; it was found to have plagiarised.)

Competitors for the Sa Rua poster need to be seventeen or older, while the Sa Rueta conditions state no older than sixteen. The competition will end on 21 January, and designs have to be delivered to the citizens participation department between 9am and 2pm. A jury has been set up to decide the winning entries.

The Carnival parades will be on 23 February.