The restrictions of private cars has just moved the traffic jam from Formentor in to Puerto Pollensa. Archive photo. | Pilar Pellicer


The General Directorate of Traffic, or DGT is considering extending the driving restrictions in Formentor this summer by closing the road from Puerto Pollensa instead of from the beach.

The ban on cars will last from June 15 to September 15 between 10.00 and 19.00 which is the same as in 2019 and will not apply to those with reduced mobility, residents and workers in the restricted area.

Both the Town Hall of Pollensa and the Council of Majorca have asked the DGT to study the possibility of extending the restrictions to Puerto Pollensa to prevent traffic jams on the road that runs between the Moll and the beach and at the Colomer viewpoint.

The DGT is about to publish the regulations for Formentor in 2020, which it says will be similar to those of 2019, but to placate Pollensa Town Hall and the Council of Majorca, the DGT has also said "without prejudice we will work very intensely to improve the measures for Formentor as much as possible before the start date of the application.”

The Consell will not formally rule on the restrictions until the publication of the DGT agreement in the BOE and the Town Council insists that restrictions are need from Puerto Pollensa and regrets that it has not yet received a formal response from the DGT.