The man was unhappy with the presence of other men

The man was unhappy with the presence of other men in the pool.


A 41 year old Morrocan man has been arrested by Manacor police after he attempted to ban his wife from swimming with other men in the municipal swimming pool.

According to police the man demanded that his wife´s membership of the swimming pool be cancelled. Staff called police who then visited the couple in their home where they discovered that he had destroyed her swimming goggles and her burkini.

He was detained as a result of his threatening behaviour.


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THE James / Hace over 2 years

Don't get me started. Gah!


Juan love / Hace over 2 years

Along with her Googles, wearing her Burkini she must look like a scuba diver.


Jordan / Hace over 2 years

This is just the beginning. Expect more as the years go by. The females in our society need to open their eyes and see reality.