The condition of the galleries continues to deteriorate, with leaks and lack of maintenance, according to the owners. | R.L.


The Administrator of the board of owners of the Gallerias in Plaça Major, Bartolomé Castañer, has announced that the board is completely opposed to the space being turned into a car park.

"We totally oppose them becoming a parking lot and what is the point of doing that when Carrer de la Unió has been closed. It would also be necessary to change the use of space,” said Castañer, who also complained that the Town Hall has not consulted he board.

"We have been asking for a meeting for weeks and we have had no answer, all we are asking is that they at least listen to us, not just come one day and take down walls,” he said.

The Councillor for Participated Citizen, Alberto Jarabo, denied that there has been no contact with the owners.

“I have met with them and explained the projects. They told us that they wanted the space to have life and I think the two finalist projects that we have are compatible with what they asked us for,” said Councillor Jarabo, adding, “I would like to go ahead with the proposal to make the galleries a multipurpose space, but you have to see the risks it has for Cort to make an investment without having sufficient guarantees that this can be self-financed,” he added.

There are two finalist projects. The first option is turn the space into parking for residents and the other is to dedicate the entire area to shops and stores.

Meeting to analyse the options

Jarabo said that there will be a meeting this week with everyone concerned and he hopes they can come to a decision before the end of the month.

"The viability of the two projects is being analysed, but nothing will happen until we finally have a project that everyone agrees on," he said.