The Oscars will take place on February 10. | Reuters


Spanish actor, Antonio Banderas has found himself at the centre of a storm of controversy over the Oscar nominations after he was named by some American media outlets as one of the few “people of colour" to be nominated this year.

The Hollywood publications, Deadline and Vanity Fair are at the root of the saga after both named Antonio Banderas and African-American actress Cynthia Erivo as the only “coloured” performers up for an award.

"Only two actors of colour were nominated in the main acting categories" tweeted Deadline, which is one of the most popular media sources in Hollywood.

That statement was deleted several hours later but social media networks went nuts with a raft of people firing off their reactions.

"Antonio Banderas is from Spain, he’s white and European”, said one, whilst others criticised the confusion that racial categories cause in the United States.

Vanity Fair also linked the nomination of Cynthia Erivo to Antonio Banderas.

"Although Spaniards are not technically considered people of colour, it should be noted that Antonio Banderas was nominated for his leading role in the Spanish drama 'Pain and Glory'," said the magazine.

A weeks ago The Hollywood Reporter, said Banderas had been ignored by the British Academy at the BAFTA Awards in an article about the lack of diversity.