Foguerons (bonfires) are lit for the Sant Antoni fiestas. | T. AYUGA / J. PADILLA


The 112 Emergency Service has issued a list of do’s and don’ts for the 'foguerons' and ‘correfocs' of Sant Antoni and Sant Sebastià.

■ Do not turn on the stove with gasoline, use quick-ignition sawdust and paraffin tablets.

There will be many barbecue sites for Sant Antoni

■ Do not throw firecrackers or rockets into the fire or containers.

■ Do not put plastic or food scraps into the fire, because they generate a lot of smoke.

■ Do not smoke or light a fire near pyrotechnic containers.

■ Dress in cotton clothes; trousers and long sleeves and wear sensible shoes, a hat or scarf, earplugs and glasses to protect your eyes.

Sant Sebastia correfoc

■ Don’t hinder the demons parade by putting obstacles in their way.

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■ If you are accompanied by children, keep them at a safe distance from the parades.