Lunch at Ternelles for the pine tree collection. | Elena Ballestero


The collection of the pine for the Sant Antoni tree climb in Pollensa is as much of a ritual as the climb itself. People head off to the Ternelles finca, where the pine is always chopped down a week ahead of the event, in order to first have lunch and then undertake the transporting of the pine into the centre of Pollensa and its final destination, the Plaça Vella.

On a warm and bright Friday, the tables were set out, and there were hundreds of people, tucking into pa amb oli, sobrassada and what have you. Some alcohol may have been taken as well. Pipers were there as well for what amounts to its own fiesta in the forest.

The pine climb in Pollensa is always in the evening of the 17th of January, the day of Sant Antoni. Before this climb, and rather less publicised, there is another climb - this one in Puerto Pollensa. It also has its rituals, which entail heading off to Formentor and transporting the pine tree to its destination, the church square (Plaça Miquel Capllonch). Cristian Agu was the first to reach the top of the tree this year.