Tourists on the beach drinking. | DANIEL ESPINOSA


A string of new regulations designed to curb excessive drinking by tourists on holiday in the Balearic Islands have been dismissed as way over the top by the President of Majorca’s Tourism Services & Businesses Association.

"I find this exaggerated and disproportionate," Jose Tirado, said in a Spanish television interview.

However, CAEB, PIMEM, and other Service Sector businesses have welcomed the new measures and hope that it will improve the image of Balearic destinations that have a less than shiny reputation. But questions are already being raised over who’s going to pay for the extra manpower to enforce the new rules.

The President of the Hotel Federation of Mallorca, María Frontera agrees with the changes being made but is adamant that the introduction of alcohol limitations to ‘all inclusive’ holidays will have to wait until next year because a number of bookings have already been made and changing the laws now could result in guests filing compensation claims.

During the summer months, the papers are chock full of the antics that some young people get up to when they're on holiday, particularly British, German and Irish tourists who are often splattered over the front pages, totally hammered, vomiting and sometimes completely naked or having sex in public places.

Last year passengers at Palma airport were outraged when a tourist decided to take off all her clothes in front of hundreds of people, including young children, so that she could change before her flight.

The Balearic Government has had enough of all that and since previous measures didn’t seem to make one jot of difference they’ve decided to crack down even harder.

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Under the new laws pub crawls and happy hours are banned in Magalluf, Playa de Palma in Majorca and Sant Antoni in Ibiza.

The so-called ‘booze cruise’ party boats are no longer allowed to advertise in those three destinations and they won’t be allowed to pick up or drop off tourists there either.

Alcohol vending machines, free bars and adverts for alcoholic drinks are prohibited and shops that sell alcohol will be closed from 9.30pm until 8am.

Balconing is now illegal and anyone caught taking part will be chucked out of their hotel and could face a hefty fine.

Businesses that flout the law could be fined up to €600,000 or completely shut down for up to three years.

The Balearic Government is absolutely determined to rid Magalluf, Playa de Palma and Sant Antoni of their boozy reputations once and for all.

“The Balearic Islands is the first destination in Europe to fight back against tourism based on excess,” said Tourism Minister, Iago Negueruela.

Critics say the new laws will just encourage binge drinking and damage the Balearic economy.