Fiestas of Sant Sebastia

Storm Gloria leaves Sant Sebastià concerts bare.

22-01-2020Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The Sant Sebastià 2020 celebrations were washed out by Storm Gloria on Sunday and only around 2,000 people braved the very cold, very wet and very windy weather to see the Revetla which has prompted a barrage of criticism.

“Palma City Council needs to make major changes to the Sant Sebastià Festival because it is in decline," claims the Councillor for Citizen Participation, Alberto Jarabo. "The brotherhoods are attracting more people to the festival and the fact that they’ve doubled shows which direction we need to go in.”

He’s also calling for more money to be poured into the festival so that a well-known singer or group can be hired to perform on the Saturday before the Revetla, events can be organised in other neighbourhoods of Palma and more activities can be made available for children.

"We must look at what has happened this year and rethink the festivals of Sant Sebastián in order to make them more attractive,” said Mr Jarabo.


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Nigel Stack / Hace over 2 years

I can't believe they actually went ahead with the music festival after warning everyone that the first and worse storm of 2020 (Gloria), what a complete waste of time and money for everyone. I have been on the island since 2003 and remember when they used to put on one or two well known groups so that even foreign residents had someone to see that they had at least heard of. I remember ELO for one which got me out and dancing in Plaza Espana, then off to Ses Voltes for some good dance music. It is all very well catering for their own local bands but every music festival had a headline act, why not Mallorca