Pilar Costa, the Balearic government spokesperson. | Archive


Government spokesperson Pilar Costa has defended the work of all those involved with the supervision of minors in care and has dismissed calls for anyone to resign.

Speaking at the regular press conference that follows the Friday cabinet meeting, Costa stressed that there will be no "shunning of responsibility" in respect of cases of sexual exploitation of minors. Resignations, she said, would be "simple solutions", but she rejected the demands that have been made for heads to roll.

Costa added that the government has not seen any attempt to cover up information and that it will preserve the integrity and intimacy of the teenagers affected by cases of sexual exploitation. The government and social services personnel, she insisted, will be "working their fingers to the bone" in improving the situation.

The spokesperson asked for there not to be generalisations and give the impression that all minors under supervision are not being protected. "This is not the case", and she went on to emphasise that there will be a firm pursuit of "abusers and promoters of sexual exploitation".

The cases of sexual exploitation relate to minors in the care of the Majorca Institute of Social Affairs, a Council of Majorca department.