Additional Guardia Civil and National Police officers are deployed in the Balearics in summer. | Archive


Jucil and Jupol are the unions which, respectively, represent Guardia Civil and National Police officers. They have asked the national government delegate in the Balearics, Ramon Morey, to update the current level of financial compensation officers receive when on temporary duty in the Balearics.

There was a meeting with Morey in December. Since then, the unions have also been arranging meetings with representatives of political parties in order to discuss the situation regarding allowances. There have been responses from Ciudadanos, El Pi, the Partido Popular, Podemos, the UPyD, and Vox.

The unions argue that revision of the compensation and an end to "financial discrimination" is the only solution to a progressive decline in police numbers. Officers who come to the Balearics for the tourism season have for years been penalised by comparison with colleagues in other regions; this is due to the higher costs of living in the Balearics.

In other regions, the unions say, the allowance is adequate. However, it needs to take account of the economic realities in individual regions. The costs for housing and food are higher in the Balearics. As a consequence, the islands are ever less attractive to officers.