Palma Local Police arrested the suspect, who apologized

Palma Local Police arrested the suspect, who apologized.

30-01-2020Redacción Sucesos

It’s emerged that an Algerian man who allegedly stole a mobile phone from a Chinese woman in Palma was caught by her husband.

The incident took place in Carrer d’Aragó at around 21.30 on January 23, while the couple were strolling along Carrer Pere Alcántara Peña.

The woman told police the man reached into her jacket pocket and stole her iPhone X, then took off. Her husband immediately jumped on his electric scooter and tried to alert passers-by, shouting "thief, thief.”

A witness heard him and between them they caught the thief and manage to hold him down until the Local Police arrived, despite his attempts to escape.


In the struggle to escape, the thief hit his head on the ground and was transferred to hospital after his arrest.


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Dano / Hace about 1 year

What does Algerian and Chinese got to do with the context of the story?