Madrid airport | Reuters


The Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas airport has been shut down amid warnings of a drone in the airspace.

Enaire says two pilots reported the drones and a massive aircraft diversion procedure, called 'Rate 0', was immediately activated, which prevents planes from taking off and landing at the airport.

Enaire has confirmed that the alert was activated at 1240 and will remain in place until at least 1440. Only one runway is operational at Barajas and all flights headed for Madrid are being redirected, mostly to Valencia.

Air Traffic Controllers have been keeping pilots in the loop via Twitter.

Enaire pointed out that "drones are not toys? and that to fly a drone in controlled airspace, an aeronautical safety study that analyses and mitigates the possible risks is required and once that?s been authorised by the State Air Safety Agency, or AESA the Airspace Operational Coordination Department of Enaire must be contacted to coordinate its operation (

AENA has also taken to Twitter to make passengers and pilots aware that Madrid Barajas Airport is closed.

At applications are available to pilots and drone operators, as well as aeronautical information data for the identification of possible restrictions for flying drones in a specific airspace in accordance with current legislation.

The State Air Safety Agency, or Aesa, published a tweet reminding people that flying drones in the vicinity of an airport is a "serious infraction" and can incur a penalty of up to 90,000 euros.