Emergency Services helicopter that performs the transfers between Ibiza and Majorca. | Redacción Local

IB-Salut is suing Eliance, the company that held the Balears Sanitary Air Transport concession, for alleged breaches of contract amounting to 3,043,935 euros.

Around 1,665,000 euros of the penalty is due to the delay in the fulfilment of contract sheets of the Majorca plane.

Fines of 284,365.95 euros were also issued against pilots who allegedly flew for months without the necessary instrumental flight qualifications and a penalty of 14,616 euros was imposed against the company.

Eliance was also penalised 553,493.80 euros for operating a B200 aircraft that was 22 years old until December 2019, when according to the specifications, the maximum flight time allowed is 10 years.

A fine of 526,459.40 euros was issued for a Minorca B250 plane that was 9.5 years old and did meet the criteria, but did not start operating until October 18.

IB-Salut granted the 25-million-euro ambulance Airplanes Services contract to Eliance which was to be managed in four annuities, but after repeated breaches were reported by professionals and unions, it was terminated and sanctions issued.

Eliance will continue to manage the medicated airplanes temporarily, but not the helicopters until a new tender has been completed.