An example of the graffiti in ses Salines

An example of the graffiti in ses Salines.

06-02-2020Guardia Civil

The 48 year old man is being charged with allegedly daubing graffiti on public and private buildings in Ses Salines, according to the Local Police.

An investigation was launched after a multitude of graffiti slogans were discovered in the town on January 30, the day of the XXIX Mallorca Cycling Challenge.

The defendant was reportedly under the influence of a psychotropic substance when the incident happened and has been admitted to hospital.

The Guardia Civil of Santanyí is compiling complaints from property owners who were affected and experts are assessing the damage which is expected to amount to more than 3,500 euros.


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Timo / Hace about 1 year

Agreed, but this isn't even graffiti which can be very artistic, many places welcome it and the artists profit from it (Banksie for example) ...... this is tagging which any low life can do. Watching the Mallorca Files you can clearly see in some scenes evidence of this. Not a good advertisement for a beautiful island. The culprits should be made to remove it in full view of the public in hi-vis jackets to hopefully shame them in not doing it again.


Dano / Hace about 1 year

Humans who damage private property with graffiti are NOT "artists" !!!