The car the filmmaker was taken to Son Espases in. | A. Sepúlveda


Four minors who were investigated in connection with the murder of a Dutch Film Producer in Son Banya have been exonerated.

During a holiday in Majorca with his dad, Wouter Van Luijn took a taxi to the town of Son Banya at dawn on July 13, 2018 where he was severely beaten and later died.

The four accused told Police that they had helped the victim to get into a car that took him to Son Espases Hospital, that they did not see anyone hit the victim and did not know how the incident had happened.

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Adrián H.F., who drove the victim to hospital, was arrested for murder and reportedly gave Police several different versions about what happened to the victim. In one story he claimed that a group of boys from the village had killed him. He was released from jail after paying 30,000 euros bail.

All four minors denied being involved in the crime and consented to DNA tests to help prove their innocence.

A Medical Expert from the Netherlands has concluded that Wouter Van Luijn’s death was caused by injuries suffered during the beating, not by an internal haemorrhage caused a burst blood vessel.