Press conference at Son Espasses

Press conference at Son Espasses


The British family who are in Palma's Son Espases Hospital with a suspected case of the coronavirus will remain in isolation for the next 24 hours while tests are carried out, doctors told the Bulletin this morning.

The family of four have been in hospital since Friday night. The father is believed to have been in contact in France with a man who was later diagnosed as having the virus. His wife and two daughters, 7 and 10, were also brought into hospital as a precaution.

The tests will be carried out at a hospital in Madrid.


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S.O. / Hace about 1 year

@Yogi: these tests and others like ebola, zika, etc have to be carried out in specialist microbiology centres, not just any random place or new setup built in a day! Spain’s Centro Nacional de Microbiología is in Majadahonda.


Yogi / Hace about 1 year

Let us hope not, but it will occur eventually, so surely having a resource to test more regionally would make more sense rather than having to send to Madrid? Considering the multinational composition of the Islands, especially Palma and extra especially the cruise ships which regularly roll up here. Floating bug boats my Father-in-law called them.