Sunday's press conference at Son Espases Hospital in Palma.

Son Espases Hospital confirmed on Sunday morning that a man suspected of having coronavirus does indeed have it. His wife and two daughters have proved negative.

The results of tests at the National Microbiology Centre in Madrid were received by the hospital in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The four members of the British family are in an isolation unit at Son Espases.

Fernando Simón, the director of the centre for the coordination of health alerts and emergencies, explained in Madrid on Sunday morning that the patient was infected at a ski resort in France, adding that although he has tested positive, he is otherwise in decent health. The case is described as mild. Efforts are being made to identify all contacts he may have had and to give these people "adequate monitoring".

In a press conference at Son Espases, representatives from the Balearics health ministry added that the family had travelled back to Majorca on a plane which had stopped in Barcelona. They reinforced what was said in Madrid earlier about checking on people the father had contact with and giving these people instructions.

It cannot be ruled out that other members of the family will be found to have been infected, although the probability was described as low. Further tests will be carried out over the coming days.