The police night unit is for keeping control in Cala Ratjada. | Assumpta Bassa


Capdepera town hall will not be applying the government's tourism of excesses decree in Cala Ratjada. The PSOE mayor, Rafel Fernández, says that the tourism ministry has offered "the possibility" of doing so but that the town hall doesn't believe it is necessary. There are municipal bylaws which contain similar provisions to the decree, while the situation in Cala Ratjada is not the same as in Magalluf or Playa de Palma. "We can have one or two problematic weeks, but not the whole season."

Opposition party Més disagree with the mayor. "There is a tourist segment in Cala Ratjada that indulges in the excesses that this decree seeks to limit. Everyone is aware of the social problem this causes and of the bad image it creates for Cala Ratjada. This is not a decision that the mayor and the ruling administration should be taking alone."

Fernández argues that there are sufficient means to control excesses. The police operate a "strong night unit" which has been working for several years. There is, moreover, "consensus with the tourism sector and with bars and clubs". The mayor adds that more controls are demanded each year. There will in fact be a meeting about "limits" for the new season next week.

Més suggest that the decree contains limits "of great significance" which aren't included in the bylaws, in particular ones to do with prohibiting drinking in public spaces and by minors.

The decree does allow for adoption by other town halls, and Més, at the very least, want the mayor to facilitate an open debate at the end of this season about the application of the decree.