Serious security issues at the Intermodal Station.


The government's director general for transport, Jaume Mateu, says that there will be improved security systems and an increase in security guards at Palma's Intermodal Station.

This comes in response to publicity given to fights, theft and prostitution at the station. In many cases this is said to be prostitution controlled by mafias and to involve minors.

At a meeting with Sebastián Oliver, president of the Espartano union of security guards, Mateu said that he will be studying a doubling of the number of guards and for this to be included in the new conditions for the security service; these are due to come into effect in June. He will also consider the use of defensive sprays by guards and the issuing of tablets that guards can use to monitor images from security cameras and so be able to act more rapidly.

Oliver said after the meeting that he hoped that these weren't just words and that the government will meet these promises. "Girls and boys, many of them from care centres, cannot be allowed to engage in sex for money in the bathrooms."