National Police Officers arrest three men | EFE

Three members of the “Los Rochos” clan have been arrested in connection with a massive brawl in Palma last Thursday during which a young man was stabbed.

The two brothers and their brother-in-law surrendered voluntarily to Police in Carrer de Simó Ballester on Tuesday and more than twenty relatives and friends gathered at the doors of Police Headquarters in support of the suspects.

The incident happened at around 2300 in Carrer de Tomás Rul.lán in the Son Gotleu neighbourhood of the city last Thursday.

When Emergency Services personnel arrived at the scene they found a 26-year-old man lying on the ground covered in blood with a deep stab wound in his abdomen. They stabilised the patient before transferring him to the ICU at Son Espases Hospital where he had surgery for very serious internal injuries.

Witnesses and relatives of the defendants reportedly gave Police different versions of what happened, some said the victim started the row at the home of one of the defendants, others said it was a confrontation over drugs.

“The National Police said that one held him while the other stabbed him, but it is not true. What happened is that the victim came to attack them and they had to defend themselves,” said a relative.

Witnesses told Police that one of the brothers grabbed the victim from behind while the other knifed him in the abdomen and their brother-in-law hit the victim in the head with a baseball bat.