Balearic Government wants to turn hundreds of concrete skeletons into VPO housing. | GERMAN G. LAMA

Buildings that were under construction on urban land in the Balearics during the financial crisis, but never finished are to be converted into VPO properties.

The concrete skeletons will have to be legalised first because all the building licences are out of date and some of them are higher than allowed by law.

There are hundreds of unfinished properties in the Balearic Islands, especially in Manacor, sa Pobla and Ibiza and the plan is to re-issue the licences so that developers can finish building them and make sure they meet the new regulations.

The new Balearic Housing Decree will state that this solution can only be adopted if the structures are located on urban land.

The decree of urgent measures does not include a single proposal for actions on rustic land.

The only other option would be to demolish the empty, unfinished buildings, but the Executive says it’s better to finish what’s already been started.