Terraferida photo of planned urbanisation in Santa María del Camí | Terriferida


Terraferida has warned that a new urbanisation project being processed by Santa Maria del Camí City Council is "the largest in recent history" and will contain 523 homes, on a 7 hectare plot with a capacity for more than 2,000 people.

The Environmentalist Group issued a statement claiming that the 69,400 square metre extension will stretch from Carrer Son Dolç to sa Vileta, between the road to Consell and Camí de Muro, “could increase the population by 30% and transform the people."

“It’s a project from the past, totally obsolete and inadequate for the needs and challenges of Santa Maria del Camí and Majorca in 2020, said Terrafida. “It was designed in 1988 during an expansionist era when growth limits were not taken into account, and climate change or saturation were unknown concepts."

411 apartments and 112 chalets will be built on the urbanisation and “will accommodate more than 2,000 new residents in an urban centre that currently has a census of 6,000 residents.”

Terraferida, says the urbanisation will only have private homes and according to Municipal Planning, it would allow tourist use in the form of hotels and apartments, "but there is no provision for one square meter of green area or public equipment and there’s also no provision for social housing.”

"It is, by far, the largest urban development project in the history of Santa Maria del Camí and it will disfigure the physiognomy, dimensions and life of the town,” Terraferida warned. “The planned constructions do not correspond with the traditional typology of a historical town like this.

The Environmental Group also points out that the project will accentuate the deficits of educational, sanitary, administrative, sports, socio-cultural, green areas and public spaces in the town.

“Right now, there are only 2.8 square metres per inhabitant of green area or public space, when current legislation requires 5 and with the new urbanisation, the proportion will go down even more.”

Terraferida concludes that the new urbanisation "represents a major urban attack and may also be illegal” and has vowed to study the plans with experts in urban law and "do everything possible to paralyse it."