Palma airport Son Sant Joan

Palma airport Son Sant Joan.


The Platform opposed to the Palma Airport expansion plans has called for a protest rally against AENA on March 1.

The Government delegation said on Friday that the spokesperson for the Platform, Gaspar Alomar, plans to "point out that the State Government is responsible for AENA’s plan to expand the airport.”

The Platform is made up of the GOB, TerraFerida, Retired by Mallorca, the Anti-Highway Platform, Friday for Future, Extinction Rbellion and SEPC.

“51% of AENA is controlled by ENAIRE, in the hands of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, that has been in the hands of the PSOE for a year and a half and the Government cannot avoid its responsibility,” Alomar said.

The Platform says it objects to the expansion of Son Sant Joan Airport “because it does not pose any limitation on air traffic to prevent the increase of gas emissions from aviation, it increases saturation and overcrowding during the high season and the carrying capacity of Mallorca has not been studied.”

Gaspar Alomar believes that the hypothetical expansion of Palma Airport "would encourage the use of private vehicles in high season instead of promoting public transport,” and is adamant that twice as many homes would be affected by noise.

“Right now, only 40% of homes that suffer from aircraft noise are soundproofed," he said.

The Platform has already sent ENAIRE more than 1,300 allegations against the expansion of Son Sant Joan Airport and requested that the Direct Management of the Airports and Ports of the Balearic Islands be handed over to the Government.

Alomar insists that Scientists from the Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Climate Change, or LINCC also oppose the expansion of the airport.

"Gas emissions must be reduced to prevent the climate crisis from getting worse," he said.

The Platform spokesman claims the Balearic Environment Commission, or CMAIB, agreed to AENA's requests to withdraw the voting point from the unfavourable report on the remodelling and expansion of the airport terminal area of Palma and that "the project cannot be saved by reformulating it”.


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Steve Riches / Hace about 1 year

The airport brings in major wealth due to the tens of thousands of holiday makers who arrive with money to spend to keep this island wealthy: why protest at such a fantastic gift of wealth that probably equals, directly or indirectly, around 70% of the money in local wallets? Rejoice and give it every chance to contiunue. It's tourism that brings such a superb quality of life to most islanders.