Wedding Stopped because ‘Los Gallos’ Finca did not have an Events Licence. | Ultima Hora


A company in Majorca has been ordered to pay a bride and groom thousands of euros in damages.

The couple rented a finca in Santa Eugènia for their nuptials in 2017, but a Tourism Inspector burst into the ‘Los Gallos’ estate and stopped the wedding, because the Finca did not have an Events Licence.

The couple were forced to hold their wedding ceremony in the house instead of in the garden and had to cancel the DJ.

The contract that the bride and groom had signed with the company who managed the finca included a clause saying it was “forbidden to carry out annoying, unhealthy, harmful and dangerous activities in the home.”

The owners tried to use that clause as their defence against the lawsuit filed by the couple. But the court sided with the bride and groom and ordered the company to shell out 16,000 euros in moral damages, which included the money paid for the venue - minus the deposit and compensation for catering and music.

“The lack of licence and all the vicissitudes that arose, made it a day to remember, but not in the way they would have wanted, but as a nightmare,” said the judge.

The ‘Los Gallos’ estate was advertised on social media as a place to celebrate weddings and parties and also appeared on the website, but the judge ordered them to change that too.

“The grammatical sense must be dispensed with as a violation of the regulations. Its publicity led the couple to the error that the entity had the mandatory licence.”